Product Design Awards

If You Have Designed a Product Recently, Enter It in The Idea Design Competition Today

Are you a product designer or have recently designed a product that everybody told you looked fantastic? Do you think your design is worthy of some recognition? The A’ Idea Design competition is an international award where your product design coul <Cropped>

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Product Design Award

Awarding a Product With The a Design Award Marks The Beginning of a Whole Range of Pr, Marketing and Advertising Measures At An International Level

Every year, A’ Design Award & Competition, the worlds’ largest design competition, recognizes design excellence in product design around the world. In addition, A’ Design Award annual recognition comes together with promoting excellence of <Cropped>

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Professional Design Award

Push The Boundaries of Your Design Business Further by Backing It Up With a Prime Design Award

There are many types of design awards organized by professional award organizations, governments, institutions, design associations, companies and the media. Among all these design award competitions, the A’ Design Award and Competition (A-Prime) t <Cropped>

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Web Design Awards

Web Design Awards Recognize Amazing Creative Digital Work, Highest Standards of Excellence in Website Design and Development and Honor Best Web Designers and Companies For Their Outstanding Achievements in Design For Web

Web Design Awards recognize outstanding talent, creativity and diligence in web design from around the world. Website owners, developers, companies and designers from all countries are invited to submit their websites to be reviewed for the A’ Desi <Cropped>

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Event Design Awards

Be Ready to Take Part in The Event Design Awards Given For Excellence in Design Within The Event Organization Sector

Are you an event organizer? Or a public relation company manager or owner? Do you feel that your service stands out from the others? You should be rewarded and recognize in the worldwide with prestige, honor, publicity and a certificate of quality th <Cropped>

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Mimì by Gian Piero Giovannini

Gian Piero Giovannini Shares The Mimì Cookware Set

Gian Piero Giovannini, the designer of the awarded work Gian Piero Giovannini's MiMì cookware set illustrates, Mimì simple design with its clean-cut geometry reveals a great ease of use. Handles essential but knotty shape stands out against th <Cropped>

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Johann Sigmarsson-Somethingregal Handmade Desk

At Design Interviews

Interview with Johann Sigmarsson : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Johann Sigmarsson : The bed I designed. It's no screws in it. You can puzzle it together in two minutes. I wanted to do a simil <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ium Sensory Tableware Set

Yi-Hsun Hsu Shares The Ium Sensory Tableware Set

Yi-Hsun Hsu, the lead designer of the highlighted design Ium - Sensory tableware set by Yi-Hsun Hsu says, IUM (yum) is a set of sensory tableware for kids ages 2-5 that keeps them focus on eating. During mealtime, kids tend to be easily distracted, <Cropped>

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Entries Are Sought For The Urban Planning and Urban Design Award

Recognizing Outstanding Design in Urban Planning, Advanced City Planning, Zoning, Smart City Systems and More

As with many things in today’s world, the design of our urban areas have not only begun to incorporate technology as an intrinsic component, but have also shifted focus to a more holistic design path to enable sustainability and true innovation wit <Cropped>

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Morris Hoo See Heen-Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant #28023

At Design Interviews

Interview with Morris Hoo See Heen : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Morris Hoo See Heen : The program taken 3 months from audition, semifinal and grand finale, concept of the program is to search <Cropped>

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