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Fabric / FAB is an Exhibition of Sustainable Fashion. The main task in developing the exhibition identity was to create a typographic style. The accidental font used in the design Concept reflects one of the central messages of the exhibition – a call to reduce consumption in the fashion sector, a call for reasonable consumption. Graphically, the solution is based on a cross-type of a pair of fonts-strictly grotesque and openwork accidental font, resembling the folds of fabric.

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Support Local Music

This poster is a self-initiated project to support the creative industry as well as the designer's fellow musician friends. The poster is inspired by various classical instruments, integrating the instruments and the type into a playful musical scene. This poster is planned to be printed in Lino Print and distributed around New York City. This poster was inspired by the letter form of the typeface Bio Rhyme Expanded.

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The Kala Foundation

There has long been a global market for Indian paintings, but interest in Indian art has lagged in the US. To bring awareness about different styles of Indian Folk Paintings, The Kala Foundation is established as a new platform to showcase the paintings and make them more accessible to an international market. The foundation consists of a website, mobile app, exhibit with editorial books, and products that help bridge the gap and connect these paintings to a larger audience.

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Alishan Forest

The Aesthetic Proposal for Seasonal Forest dismisses local government's stereotypes of forest management. People start to explore the forest with three new concepts: Respect – The Harmony of Human and Nature, Aesthetics – The Balm of Art and Forest, and "Coexistence – The Reciprocity of Species and Forest.

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Diplomatic Relations

The logo design showcases the flags of Lithuania and Germany, conveyed through the symbol of check marks. The red check marks are combined, representing friendship and unity between the two countries. The overall design reflects the moment when two countries diplomatically unite, moving forward together into the future. The colorful marks are multifaceted, expressing the dynamic and tight relationship between Lithuania and Germany.

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The Brand Identity is built in a specific way to evoke positive feelings in the customers. The visual concept is based on simplicity and in the playful game of the old-school retro style with elements of modern. Retro style is embodied in the color palette, handwritten typeface, and polka dot patterns. On the other hand, the clean layouts, and sans serif typeface are framing the retro brand look with a professional, modern touch. This unique approach creates a functional design that resonates with the target audience and represents the company's values - trust, commitment, and happiness.

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