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New World Face Masks

Under The Artisanal Movement of New World Development, Love Without Borders is a Create Shared Value global initiative formed to combat the COVID-19 outbreak with Made in Hong Kong face masks. Homage to its founder Adrian Cheng, CEO of NWD, the Love Without Borders visual identity is fronted by a stylised "A", simplified from The Artisanal Movement logo. The packaging is comprised of a variety of different colorways designed to ensure clarity of information and ease of understanding while instilling the initiative's positive mission.

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Muse is an experimental design project studying the musical perception of the human through three installation experiences which provide different ways to experience music. The first is purely sensational using thermo-active material, and the second display the decoded perception of musical spatiality. The last is a translation between music notation and visual forms. People are encouraged to interact with the installations and explore the music visually with their own perception. The main message is that designers should be aware of how perception affects them in practice.

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Lazarus Effekt

The three information graphics serve as a basis to introduce the topic of the Lazarus-Effect. They include "The Six Major Mass Extinctions", "Death Watch of the Species", as well as an information graphic of the "Local Fern Plants and Flowering Plants" (based on the Rote Liste, 2018). The Lazarus Effect is based on the theme of the Lazarus-Effect, as coined by paleontologist David Jablonski. This pertains to the unintentional rediscovery (by accident, through expedition or through relocation projects) of a previously lost or considered extinct form of life.

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Who's That Eating

This interactive pop-up book follows seven animals enjoying their favorite snacks, each with a 3D pop up fold showcasing their distinct eating style. Each pop up was designed with a single page cut out, and a second backing page revealing the inside of each mouth and adding structural integrity. This simple design, combined with paper collage illustrations, brings life to each animal. The text includes eating sounds via Japanese onomatopoeia, encouraging the reader to open and close the pages as the animals munch away.

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This series of self-expression was born not just to highlight the dynamism of COdesign’s identity but to also portray the team’s philosophy, beliefs, creativity and expertise. With a cohesive blend of design and psychology, the series communicates and reflects causes and movements, raises awareness and eyebrows, highlights noteworthy events and achievements, and celebrates people and culture through meaningful visual stories that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also enlightening and thought-provoking. Each piece has been meticulously conceptualized and executed for maximum impact.

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The fine art and landscape photography series “Apex” reflects on the order and chaos within the natural organic forms and scapes, contrasting to the uniformity of social structures and routine lifestyles, and aims to displaying them through a setting that offers a sense of serenity and tranquility. The photographer believes that the facets of the mountain forms the perfect juxtaposition between ordered complexity and simplicity, establishing a different perspective on natural beauty.

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