Washbasin by Serel Seramic Factory

Serel Seramic Factory Illustrates The Helios Washbasin Set Washbasin

Serel Seramic Factory, the architect of the highlighted design Serel Seramic Factory's Helios Washbasin Set Washbasin says, Serel, combining high design quality and leader craftsmanship with creative superiority level, designed radiant and mode <Cropped>

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Urbanized-Care Free Bike by Hristo Shiderov

Hristo Shiderov Exhibits The Urbanized Care Free Bike

Hristo Shiderov, the author of the awarded design URBANIZED - Care free bike by Hristo Shiderov illustrates, URBANIZED is a bicycle built upon two principles- aesthetics and sophisticated engineering. The design explores the combination between timel <Cropped>

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Apartment by Taller Adg

Taller Adg Presents The House On The 12th Floor Apartment

Taller ADG, the lead designer of the displayed project Apartment by Taller ADG points out, The present design for the apartment’s interior is a conceptual play for the interiors apartment on a 12th floor. The intention was for this apartment to s <Cropped>

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The School of Industrial Design in Lafa's X-Space Window

The School of Industrial Design in Lafa Exhibits The X-Space Window

The School of Industrial Design in LAFA, the project leader of the awarded project Award Winning X-Space Window says, In some kinds of situations of the fire that passageway has been blocked in accident. No matter what you do, you cannot escape from <Cropped>

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Irena Kilibarda's Drinks Cabinet Bar

Irena Kilibarda Presents The Drinks Cabinet Bar

Irena Kilibarda, the lead designer of the awarded design Bar by Irena Kilibarda spells out, We wanted to create all in one Drinks Cabinet. Solid Oak wood in combination with Oak veneer is used to keep a natural look in accordance with the white Coria <Cropped>

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Hip Hop Watches Challenge

Binda Group and Desall Invite You to Design The New Watch Hip Hop Hero 4.0, a Customisable Product With a Minimal and Distinctive Design, Suitable For Every Moment of Your Daily Life.hip Hop Watches Challenge-design The New Iconic Hip Hop Watch New Pro

Binda group and desall invite you to design the new watch hip hop hero 4.0, a customisable product with a minimal and distinctive design, suitable for every moment of your daily life.Hip hop watches challenge - design the new iconic hip hop watch ne <Cropped>

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Multi-Sports Tracking System by Studio Dott

Studio Dott. Creates The Kyto Grit Multi-Sports Tracking System

Studio Dott., the lead designer of the highlighted work Kyto Grit by Studio Dott. demonstrates, KYTO GRIT is a multi-sports fitness-tracking system. It consists of a tracker, a range of sport-specific devices and an app to centralise all your exerc <Cropped>

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Relaxation Area by Olga Borisova

Olga Borisova Creates The Spa Oasis Relaxation Area

Olga Borisova, the project leader of the highlighted project Olga Borisova's Spa Oasis Relaxation area explicates, Spa "Oasis" is located in Moscow international business center Moscow City. Harmonious interior, light, music let you fe <Cropped>

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Award Winning Paper Ceramic Poster

Yao Jingui and Huang Xiaoqing Presents The Paper Ceramic Poster

Yao Jingui and Huang Xiaoqing, the lead designer of the highlighted work Poster:Paper Ceramic by Yao Jingui and Huang Xiaoqing explains, The posters are designed in the form of Chinese calligraphy to convey the properties of paper and ceramics. The u <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ignistudio Jewelry Gallery Workshop

Johanna Cevallos Portrays The Ignistudio Jewelry Gallery Workshop

Johanna Cevallos, the creator of the awarded work Jewelry Gallery Workshop by Johanna Cevallos demonstrates, Jewelry created at Ignistudio has its own history, and it is what the Architect transmits through the design. The project seeks to combine tw <Cropped>

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